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Choose easier light entrepreneurship

As an Omapaja light entrepreneur, you get an easier way to invoice and a support service that every light entrepreneur needs. We help you succeed and earn independently. Join for free, you can invoice immediately with no monthly fees and hidden expenses.

5 minutes and you are ready to invoice!

Sign up for free - create an invoice - money will flow into your account!

Create ID

 Sign up for the service, you will get your invoicing tool ID right away

Fill in your details

Complete your personal details in the invoicing tool

Do the work, create the invoice

Complete the work you agreed upon with your customer and invoice your work through Omapaja

Get paid

Your customer pays the invoice and Omapaja pays the salary to your account

Why Omapaja light entrepreneurship?


Free monthly service where the statutory insurance for your business is included in your service fee.


The more you invoice, the lower your service fee. Great advantage for high-invoicing and long-term customers.


We are not the biggest, which is why we want to invest more in customer service than others. Every day of the week.


As our customer, you can create your own free website to facilitate the marketing of your services.


Occupational health through our partner 19 € / month. Unlimited work ability and remote medical care service.


You are supported by the Omapaja community and our experienced and competent personnel.


As Omapaja light entrepreneur, you have access to your own iZettle payment terminal.

MANAGEMENT OF YEL PAYMENTSIf your operations require YEL insurance, you can transfer its administration to us.

What is light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship refers to entrepreneurial activities without one’s own company, through an invoicing service. Light entrepreneurship is a legal and financially profitable activity that is growing in popularity! And no wonder, light entrepreneurship is so easy! No monthly fees, no fixed expenses, no accounting obligation! You do the work, create an invoice in the service and ta-daa! Payroll will soon slip into your account!

As a light entrepreneur, you are an independent self-employed person and not employed by your customer. You can work in almost any industry and work in the media, construction and entertainment industries at the same time, for example.

As a light entrepreneur, you are not subject to accounting obligation, as you operate through an invoicing service. Omapaja keeps the accounts for you and handles all the necessary declarations and settlements for the Tax Administration. Thus, you are free from the bureaucracy of an entrepreneur and all your payments and declarations are handled by Omapaja. You can focus on your own work and develop your activities.

This is how you invoice and get paid as a light entrepreneur

As a light entrepreneur, you invoice your work with Omapaja’s invoicing service. You procure your own customers and agree on the assignment and the price of your work directly with your customer. When you have done the work, you invoice your work through Omapaja, your customer pays your invoice to Omapaja, after which Omapaja pays the salary to your account.

You can work as a light entrepreneur in almost any industry. For example, you can work in the media, construction and entertainment industries at the same time.

With Omapaja, you can also accept cash and card payments from your customers.

What our customers say

Heidi HalonenVirtual assistant

Heidi Halonen is a virtual assistant and light entrepreneur. Approximately a year ago, she terminated the business name she had had for approximately ten years. […] Read Heidi's experiences

Pessi NiemeläSummer entrepreneur

I got excited about summer entrepreneurship because I wanted to get summer jobs for myself. Entrepreneurship has not been particularly familiar to me before, but this has started well […] Read Pessi's experiences

Hans HerlerPest exterminator

Light entrepreneurship is ideal for the retired. For the very reason that there are no extra costs or paperwork. Thus, I do not have to […] Read Hans's experiences

Sintija DutkaCertified doula

“Respecting the wishes of the family and immanent listening are important things in my work.” Sintija Dutka is a certified doula and maternity coach. The word doula comes from […] Read Sintija's experiences

Heikki TervahautaDisability aid installer

Two years ago, Heikki Tervahauta got the feeling that 35 years of work in the psychiatric and neuropsychiatric fields was enough, the care sector had now […] Read Heikki's experiences

Jenny VillikkaProp maker

“Working days are very different, and that is what I like. Sometimes I go shopping already in the morning. Up from the bed, make coffee, coffee in the thermos flask […] Read Jenny's experiences


Download a free light entrepreneurship guide

The transformation of working life is today. Work is no longer done in a traditional employment relationship only. Light entrepreneurship has come alongside it.

Being a light entrepreneur is perhaps the easiest way to invoice your own work. It is today and the future. When starting as a light entrepreneurship, there are so-called “need to know” things you should consider. We wrote you a free guide with all the information you need to get started.

Download the guide
Self-employment under consideration?

How would you like to get employed?

Wondering about your visibility?

Create free websites to support your business

After registering in Omapaja, you can create a homepage to support your light entrepreneurship completely free of charge! Your website will be published on our expert platform.

  • Unique website in minutes
  • Market your services more easily
  • Create a unique url
  • Introduce your references to your customers
  • Tell what your customers have said about you
  • Versatile ways to contact
  • Highlight your social media profile

How much does it cost to use the invoicing service?

Signing up as a Omapaja light entrepreneur is completely free and does not involve any hidden expenses. Our fee is 5-7% of your VAT-free invoicing, and we will only get it if you have invoicing, everything else is free. Additionally, your service fee includes accident and liability insurance.

As a customer of Omapaja, you receive tiered service fee. Thus, the more you invoice, the lower your service fee percent.

How much of the invoicing is left in hand?

With the light entrepreneur payroll calculator, you can quickly calculate how much of the amount you invoice a customer is left in hand. You can also calculate how much you should invoice to get a certain amount.

The most important variables in the net amount are, of course, the amount of the invoice, your tax rate and your possible YEL insurance (required if your annual income from light entrepreneurship exceeds 8,063.57 € in 2021).

Easier light entrepreneurship, sign up Omapaja for free

Signing up for Omapaja is free and does not oblige you to anything. Our service fee is only 5-7% of your VAT-free invoicing. And hey, we want to be responsible. Thus, your service fee includes accident and liability insurance.