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Get started as an entrepreneur in an easy way

Getting a business ID

As an entrepreneur, your task is to focus on selling and producing your services, not on financial statements. As an Omapaja business name customer, we will take care of your financial administration – and you can get your business name in a safer way. Start as an entrepreneur by booking a guidance session free of charge.

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Get started as an entrepreneur in an easy way

When you want to work freely, on your own and without too many financial administration duties, choose Omapaja business name entrepreneurship. Your services include fully electronic financial administration and comprehensive multichannel customer support.

Company details

Please notify details of the company to be established on this form.


We will find out together which business form best suits you.

Starting your business

We will establish your business and take your details to registers.

Start as an entrepreneur

Work and invoice. We will take care of accounting for you. 

Service fees as you see fit

We offer an affordable service fee for our business name customers to take care of the paperwork while you can focus on your work. You can either choose the invoicing-based service fee, similar to that for light entrepreneurs, or an hourly price. The minimum charge for our services is 30 € per month (system expenses).

4,5 %

based on invoicing


79 €

an hourly price

Set up your business ID

Why choose Omapaja for a business name entrepreneurship?

Do you think you will spend less if you manage the accounts and finances of your company by yourself? If you choose Omapaja, we will take care of financial administration for your business. This enables you to spend your time doing your own work. This will streamline your operations and make them more cost-effective.

  • Full financial administration and customer support services
  • High-quality software and training for its use  
  • Affordable pricing model, similar to that for light entrepreneurs

Double-entry accounting 

Regardless of business form, we always keep double-entry accounts for our entrepreneur customers. This gives you significant benefit, especially if your operations are subject to VAT and include many individual purchases and sales.

While single-entry accounting only focuses on monitoring the income and expenses of your business, double-entry accounting offers a precise, comprehensive insight into the financial situation of your business at all times.

Get started as an entrepreneur in a safe way

Service fee 4.5% of your turnover

Fully electronic financial administration

Easy transition from a light entrepreneur to an entrepreneur

Multichannel customer support

Service for all business forms

Double-entry accounting

Real-time financial monitoring

The most popular way of being an entrepreneur in Finland

Get a business ID

If you are operating alone now and in the future, the best way for you to do entrepreneurial work is to get a business name (along with light entrepreneurship). Join hundreds of thousands of other Finns: Get your own business name and do things just the way you want.

Set up your business ID