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Light entrepreneur’s payroll calculator

With our payroll calculator, you can conveniently calculate how much of your invoiced sum you will actually get. You can also calculate how much you should invoice in order to get a certain net pay.

This is how the salary of an Omapaja light entrepreneur is formed

Invoicing (VAT 0%)

- Possible income-generating costs (e.g. purchases of materials and supplies)
- Possible income-generating travel expenses
= Gross salary
- Withholding tax according to the tax card
= Net salary
- Omapaja service fee 2-4% of invoicing
- Insurance fee 3% of invoicing
- Health insurance contribution 1.53% of gross salary (withheld only from those subject to YEL, entrepreneurs' pension insurance)
- Possible YEL insurance premium
= Amount payable

The numbers of our payroll calculator are indicative. Please note that VAT must always be added to the total amount of the customer’s invoice. The VAT exemption for small activities cannot be applied in the case of light entrepreneurs, because Omapaja’s total turnover exceeds the limit of 15,000 euros.

If you have taken out an YEL insurance policy through Omapaja, your personal YEL insurance premium will be deducted from your salary.

Omapaja service fee also includes accident and liability insurance. Omapaja service fees and health insurance premiums are deductible in your personal taxation.


Creating an account

Create an account in one minute. Signing up as a light entrepreneur is free of charge and does not oblige you to anything.



Create invoices in a fast and easy way. You can start creating invoices as soon as you have signed up for the service.


Service fee

Charged from your invoiced sum. Your salary is also subject to an insurance fee of 3%.

The easiest way to entrepreneurship

1. Create account. Sign up for the service and get access to your invoicing tool ID immediately.

2. Do the work and create an invoice. Complete the work you agreed upon with your customer and invoice the work on Omapaja's invoicing system.

3. Get paid. Your customer pays the invoice and Omapaja pays salary to your account.

Start for free

Our calculator helps you plan the pricing of your work

Did you know that pricing your own services is generally considered difficult? While aiming to maximise the margin, you do not want to play yourself out of the game by overpricing. So how much to invoice in order not to lose a deal?

Our calculator is a great help for defining your own salary. Decide your net income for an assignment and set a price on your work accordingly. Our entrepreneur's payroll calculator tells you instantly how much your hourly and piecework rates should be.

Your light entrepreneurship is insured

As an Omapaja light entrepreneur, you can do entrepreneurial work in an easy and safe way because your operations are covered by accident, liability, and legal expenses insurances.

Want to know more about insurances for light entrepreneurs?

Questions about light entrepreneurship?

Download a guidebook free of charge!

Working life is undergoing a drastic change. Working in traditional employment relationships is declining, and many are doing entrepreneurial work. We have written a free-of-charge guidebook that tells you all you need to know about light entrepreneurship and future ways of working.