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Starting your own business

When you are ready to start your own business, choose a partner that offers services for all business forms. 

Set up your business ID
Found a limited company
Yrityksen perustaminen Omapajassa on helppoa

Starting your own business

When you are ready to start your own business, choose a partner that offers services for all business forms. 


Get started as an entrepreneur in a safe way

The ease and safety of our light entrepreneurship service is now available for entrepreneurs as well. We will help you every step of the way to start and operate your own business.

Business form

We will help you choose your business form


We will help you establish your company

Bank account

We will work together to get you a business bank account


We will train you to use our systems

Focus on your work – that is what you are paid for

Service for all business forms

Omapaja Financial Services make the financial administration of your business easy and effortless. You can focus on your own work without any worries, regardless of business form. You can operate using any business form. The two most popular ones are the business name and the limited liability company.

Would you become a light entrepreneur?

As a light entrepreneur, you can test your business idea in an agile way and start entrepreneurial activity – be it on a part-time, small-scale, or principal basis. You invoice your work via Omapaja and also outsource the bureaucracy of administration and insurances to us. You get paid for your work as entrepreneurial salary based on your invoicing.

Business name, i.e., private trader

Working under a business name is a flexible way of being an entrepreneur. After light entrepreneurship, it is the most popular way of selling your own expertise. Getting a business name is quite a fast process, which we help you with so that you can do it in a safe way.

Limited liability company is a legally independent legal entity

The limited liability company is your best choice if you wish to expand the business operations as much as possible and if there is more than one partner (even one is enough). Nowadays it is possible to found a limited liability company without tied-up share capital. This has caused a significant increase in the popularity of this business form.

General partnership – several founders

General partnerships are partnership businesses as well. The difference is that it must have several founders. In general partnerships, complete mutual trust between founders is essential because they are all responsible for the liabilities and obligations of the company, which each of the partners can incur.

Limited partnerships have a silent partner

A limited partnership is founded by a written agreement signed by all partners. The difference to a general partnership is that one of the founders of a limited partnership is a silent partner. As a rule, the silent partner does not participate in managing the company but is a so-called investor.

The most popular way of being an entrepreneur in Finland

Get a business ID

If you are operating alone now and in the future, the best way for you to do entrepreneurial work is to get a business name (along with light entrepreneurship). Join hundreds of thousands of other Finns: Get your own business name and do things just the way you want.

Set up your business ID
Toiminimen perustaminen
Room for growth

Founding a limited liability company

When your goal is to grow, founding a limited liability company with us is the right choice for you. The limited liability business form also enables you to have more influence on how the company plans its finances and raises funds.

Found a limited company
Osakeyhtiön perustaminen

Why choose Omapaja?

Do you think you will spend less if you manage the accounts and finances of your company by yourself? If you choose Omapaja, we will take care of financial administration for your business. This enables you to spend your time doing your own work. This will streamline your operations and make them more cost-effective.
  • Full financial administration and customer support services 
  • High-quality software and training for its use  
  • Affordable pricing model, similar to that for light entrepreneurs

Double-entry accounting 

Regardless of business form, we always keep double-entry accounts for our entrepreneur customers. This gives you significant benefit, especially if your operations are subject to VAT and include many individual purchases and sales.

While single-entry accounting only focuses on monitoring the income and expenses of your business, double-entry accounting offers a precise, comprehensive insight into the financial situation of your business at all times.

Get started as an entrepreneur in a safe way

Service fee 4.5% of your turnover

Fully electronic financial administration

Easy transition from a light entrepreneur to an entrepreneur

Multichannel customer support

Service for all business forms

Double-entry accounting

Real-time financial monitoring

Help for starting a business

Which business form to choose? Contact us and we will map your situation together.