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Tarpeistonvalmistaja ja kevytyrittäjä Jenny Villikka
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Jenny Villikka, towards own company

“Working days are very different, and that is what I like. Sometimes I go shopping already in the morning. Up from the bed, make coffee, coffee in the thermos flask and inspiration from Biltema, for example.”

Props manufacturer Jenny Villikka seems to enjoy her job. She is a 27 year old Omapaja light entrepreneur from Espoo and especially likes that as a light entrepreneur, she has the opportunity to work with different people in different projects.

“I like being a freelancer even though it involves uncertainty. It is nice when projects and customers change and you meet new people. It keeps you refreshed. I enjoy the variety.”
Like many other entrepreneurs, Jenny likes the fact that no one breathes in her neck and dictates the daily work pace. If the work does not progress, you can sit and listen to music. Because creativity cannot be forced, there will sometimes be 15-hour working days and then there will be days when not much will happen.

What is a props manufacturer?

Props manufacturer has traditionally been a theatre employee who makes and acquires the props needed for performances. Museums have also needed the professional skills of a props manufacturer. Jenny has made artificial food for museums, for example.

“The items to be manufactured or procured can be anything. The items can range, for example, from an early 20th-century newspaper to a stuffed cake with diamonds flowing from the inside.”

Jenny gets ideas and inspiration for her work, for example, by going to the shops. Coincidentally, you may find a new material or idea in a craft shop. In addition, Pinterest is a true goldmine, and the Internet in general. Namely, it is useful to study how others have done things and to put together your own entity of the ideas.


“I never do anything the same way twice.”


“I never do anything the same way twice. For example, sometimes you have to make bread that sits neatly on the table, and sometimes it has to be thrown and when it hits the floor, it has to break in just the right way.”

Jenny graduated as an artisan of props manufacturing in Lahti three years ago. It is a bachelor’s degree in arts and crafts. In addition, she has a bachelor’s degree in visual marketing to support her work.

Omapaja entrepreneurship is the right option right now

Props manufacturer can work in a theatre, opera and museum. Some of the props manufacturers operate as entrepreneurs. Jenny also decided to choose entrepreneurship.

“I do not yet have a need for my own independent business, light entrepreneurship seems like a better option”, Jenny says. She says she wants to test the business idea first and gain visibility in the industry. That is why Omapaja felt good.


“When I started looking for a suitable invoicing service, my friend recommended Omapaja.”


“When I started looking for a suitable invoicing service, my friend recommended Omapaja. She worked as a light entrepreneur through it and said that the service has been really smooth”, Jenny says about becoming an Omapaja entrepreneur and recommends it to others who are thinking about entrepreneurship.

“It is so easy. Easy to contact. I am terrible with computers and invoicing, and Omapaja always has someone available to help.“

Entrepreneur through invoicing service

Jenny is positive about the future and says there are a lot of opportunities in her industry.

“I have been thinking, that I should get more visibility. I should get assignments throughout the entire year. I could also expand the activity to the visualization of display windows. Cooperation with the film and advertising industry would also be interesting. There are opportunities.”

Private individuals could also be customers of a props manufacturer. Jenny says she could make props for them for weddings, birthdays or other celebrations, for example. Jenny is clearly rich in ideas and immediately has the idea that a fairy-tale tree could be made for a wedding, for example, under which the couple is married.

Jenny considers the challenge in entrepreneurship to be that there are relatively few people working in the cultural sector in Finland and relationships are very important. “You just have to be terribly persistent”, Jenny concludes, saying she plans to acquire customers from abroad as well. Namely, social media enables marketing and the creation of relationships also outside Finland.


“I like this job so much that I also want to tackle the problems.”


Jenny says she’s on her way to becoming an independent entrepreneur. It is also suitable for the concept of Omapaja, as they are happy to provide coaching to Omapaja entrepreneurs who dream of entrepreneurship.

Work has taught Jenny social. In theatre, for example, you meet a lot of different people, and you have to learn to get along with everyone. Jenny says she is a sensitive person who perceives her environment intensely.

“But, it is important to this job”, Jenny says, and continues, “I like this job so much that I also want to tackle the problems. I will persevere in my journey towards my own business.”

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