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What kind of light entrepreneur are you?

Do you want to earn extra income on a part-time basis, test your business idea in practice or be fully employed? All this is possible as an Omapaja light entrepreneur.

Getting started is always easy and free!

Register in 5 minutes and you are a ready light entrepreneur

Create ID

Sign up for the service, you will receive the invoicing tool ID immediately

Fill in your details

Complete your personal details in the invoicing tool

Do the work, create the invoice

Complete the work you agreed upon with your customer and invoice your work through Omapaja

Get paid

Your customer pays the invoice and Omapaja pays the salary to your account



Test your business idea as a light entrepreneur

Want to test your business idea before throwing yourself into entrepreneurship? Then light entrepreneurship is for you. It is a safe path to success. We help you get started.

Test your business idea more safely

When you find that your new business or earning idea is in dire need of testing, you can safely try it out as a light entrepreneur at Omapaja. Becoming an entrepreneur has now been made easier for you than ever before. You no longer need to start your own business, you can start a business just by creating IDs in our invoicing tool.

Pessi did summer job as an entrepreneur

“This has been a good experience. I have gained more experience in entrepreneurship and guidance to continue business in the future.”
Pessi NiemeläSummer entrepreneur
Wait no more

Implement your business idea

When thinking about a new business idea, you do not have to test it alone. At Omapaja you are safe to start and we will help you get started. As a light entrepreneur, you need to be able to start safely without the cumbersome bureaucracy and paperwork associated with starting your own business.

Omapaja takes care of invoicing, taxation and accounting so you can focus on building customer relationships and developing your business idea.

At Omapaja, you do not have to take a financial risk. If for some reason your business idea is not productive right away, you can take the time to reorganize your business idea or review your business practices.

As a light entrepreneur, you can safely experiment with whether a hobby or a side job would be a profession. And if you want to start your own business later, we will help you with that too!



Employ yourself as a light entrepreneur

When you have a real need to get a job and earn, choose a partner who cares about your invoicing. You will get help to develop your business and increase your income.

An easier way to be an entrepreneur

Light entrepreneurship is a good option for you if you are considering starting your own business. You avoid the responsibilities associated with running a business. You get to offer your services, but save yourself a lot of bureaucracy. We take care of taxes and other regulatory obligations on your behalf and you conveniently receive your income as a salary.

You no longer need to be alone

Even if you act as an entrepreneur, you are not left alone in Omapaja. You can do your dream job while enjoying the support of a community.

Hans employs himself as a light entrepreneur

“There are many good aspects to Omapaja. Not everyone has such a good system. I am completely happy with this. If I were not, I would surely express it, because everyone else will benefit from the improvement suggestions as well.”

Tuholaistorjuja Hans Herler työllistää itsensä kevytyrittäjänä
Hans HerlerPest exterminator



Get extra income as a light entrepreneur

When your life situation or passion involves small extra earnings, make sure that invoicing does not require much effort. With Omapaja, you get you everything you need for smooth invoicing of your work.

Side jobs as a light entrepreneur

If you have know-how that you can sell, you can easily do it as a light entrepreneur. Whether you are young or even a pensioner, you can work as a light entrepreneur on a part-time basis in addition to your own work or study. Your customer can be a company or an individual, such as a household, for which you are renovating, for example.

Be your own boss

As a light entrepreneur, you are your own boss, sell your skills, set the price for your service and invoice your work through Omapaja. Omapaja will pay the amount you invoiced to your account, less taxes and other expenses.

Juha works occasionally

“Now when I am retired, I no longer have to be so active in marketing my work. When there is work, I do it. These jobs are easy to invoice as a light entrepreneur, even if they are not very regular.”

Juha SarviahoPensioner

Benefits of being a light entrepreneur

As a light entrepreneur, you do not have to take care of your own accounting, financial statements, taxation and authority declarations. Your customer, on the other hand, only pays the invoice you send, and does not have to worry about payments that would be related to, for example, payroll.

Insurance and taxes

Did you know? Through Omapaja, your operations are insured with accident and liability insurance. And best of all; service and insurance premiums are included in your service charge and are deductible in your own taxation.

Participate in our expert bank

Sell your services to customers with your own expert profile.

What does our invoicing service cost?

Signing up is free of charge. Our service charge is 5-7 %.

Many reasons to sign up for Omapaja

Turn your skills into a service that is easier for your customers to buy.

Calculate your salary with our payroll calculator Calculate how much of the invoicable amount you have left in your hand  
Ead the experiences of self-employed Our users tell what it is like to invoice their work through Omapaja

Heidi is a former sole trader

“Now I do not have to be so stressed out about all kinds of business-related paperwork. This is now much more straightforward. I just make an invoice and get paid.

Heidi HalonenVirtual assistant

Become a light entrepreneur too

Whether you want to earn extra income, test your business idea, or employ yourself. Registering as a light entrepreneur is free of charge and does not oblige you to invoice. We have no hidden expenses and monthly fees, so signing up is risk free. Just 5 minutes and you are ready to invoice.