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No one is born an entrepreneur

That is why there is Omapaja. Whether you are testing your business idea, a part-time entrepreneur, or fully employing yourself, you will do it safer with Omapaja. Create free ID and you can finally focus fully on your work.

Why choose Omapaja?

With Omapaja, you turn your skills into a service that customers can more easily buy.

Service without hidden expenses

Free monthly service. Insurance is included in the price.

Stepped service fee

The more you invoice, the lower your service fee.

The best customer service in finland

We invest in customer service. Every day of the week.

Free website for your service

Free website for easier marketing of your services.

Occupational health service with monthly payment

Unlimited work ability and remote medical care service.

You no longer need to be alone

Supported by the Omapaja community and experienced personnel.

Payment terminal opportunity

Zettle for easier payment receipt.

Management of yel pension payments

If your business requires YEL insurance, we will take care of it.

Choose wisely, start Omapaja light entrepreneurship

Invoice work easily. You can invoice your work without starting your own business, already today. Completely free to sign up.

How would you like to get employed?

In cooperation with

Read about our client's experiences

Our top customers tell us what it’s like to be a light entrepreneur and invoice their work through Omapaja’s service.

How do we serve?

In addition to efficient software, we also want to always provide you with the best possible customer and expert service. Meet our experts.

Telephone and email service on weekdays 8.30-16.00 Chat services on weekdays 8-22 and on weekends 9-18

How do i invoice as a light entrepreneur?

Invoicing as a light entrepreneur is as easy as signing up for the service.

  1. Perform the work agreed with your customer
  2. Create an invoice for your work in our invoicing system
  3. Get paid directly to your account for your work

We deduct taxes, insurance premiums and service charges from your salary. Thus, you can focus on your work without worrying about the paperwork.


How do i start as a light entrepreneur?

Getting started as a Omapaja light entrepreneur is really easy. You just have to register as a user of our invoicing service.

Registering is free of charge and does not oblige you to anything.

Looking for experts - choose a light entrepreneur

From the light entrepreneurs of Omapaja, you can buy labour with invoice without cumbersome recruitment processes.

You can have our light entrepreneurs work flexibly according to your needs.

Our service is a great help to you in recruiting labour and eliminates the risk of error recruitment.

How much does a light entrepreneur earn?

As a light entrepreneur, you have excellent opportunities to earn even large sums of money. It all depends on the sales volume and your pricing.

With our payroll calculator, you can easily calculate how much you need to invoice to get the amount you want in your account.

Buy workforce easier

Hire a light entrepreneur

Using the services of a light entrepreneur is easy. It is a convenient solution for companies and individuals, for example, for a project that requires an external expert - or just an additional pair of hands.

Download a free light entrepreneurship guide

The transformation of working life is today. Work is no longer done in a traditional employment relationship only. Light entrepreneurship has come alongside it.

Being a light entrepreneur is perhaps the easiest way to invoice your own work. It is today and the future. When starting as a light entrepreneurship, there are so-called “need to know” things you should consider. We wrote you a free guide with all the information you need to get started.

Download the guide