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Price list

Signing up for and invoicing through Omapaja is free. Our service fee is 5-7% of your VAT-free invoicing. And best of all, in Omapaja you work safely! Your service fee includes accident and liability insurance.



Signing up for Omapaja is free and does not oblige you to anything. You will receive the ID for the invoicing tool as soon as you register.



With our invoicing tool, you create an invoice instantly and easily. Creating and sending an invoice to a customer is completely free.

Service fee


Our service fee is 5-7% of your VAT-free invoicing. No fixed expenses or monthly charges

Fair service without hidden expenses

Please note that our service fee already takes into account the accident and liability insurance of a light entrepreneur. In our opinion, it is fair to include insurance premiums in the service fee as a responsible invoicing service, and not to hide them in order to make it look cheaper.

Invoice more, pay less


Invoicing accrual less than 50,000 €


Invoicing accrual more than 50,000 €


Invoicing accrual more than 150,000 €


Invoicing accrual more than 300,000 €

Total invoicing is considered for the entire duration of your operations and is not reset annually. This is a really significant advantage, especially for our long-term light entrepreneurs. So it is not worth looking elsewhere. Our service fee also includes accident and liability insurance.

Our service fee includes all of the following:

  • Sending of invoices to domestic and foreign customers by post, email or e-invoice
  • Recording of card payments
  • Processing of expense and travel allowances
  • Automatic payment reminders to the customer
  • Voluntary and judicial recovery of receivables
  • Accounting, declarations and settlement of payments to the Tax Administration
  • Accident insurance, legal expenses insurance and liability insurance
  • Management and settlement of YEL payments to the insurance company
  • Payroll and payroll certificates
  • Notices and reports in accordance with the Customer Liability Act (Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out, 2006/1233)
  • Free websites and job offers
  • Ready-made contract templates for concluding an assignment contract and an offer
  • Customer service by phone and email on weekdays 8.30-16, chat customer service on weekdays 8-22 and on weekends 9-18

No monthly fees, no hidden expenses!

Signing up for Omapaja invoicing service is free of charge, and the use of the service does not include any fixed monthly fees. Omapaja charges a service fee from the light entrepreneur only upon the salary payment. That is, you only pay for the service if your customer has paid the invoice you made or you have received cash or card payments from your customer.

Omapaja service fee is differentiated into four levels and amounts to 5-7%. Your service fee will decrease as you accrue more invoicing. The payment is calculated from your VAT-free invoicing and deducted from your net salary. For example, if you have made an invoice for 1000 euros (+ VAT), the amount of the service fee is 7% x 1000e = 70 euros.

If you are subject to YEL insurance, we will deduct a health insurance premium of 1.53% of your salary from your gross salary. The health insurance contribution is a statutory charge that is paid directly to the Tax Administration.

Omapaja service fee and health insurance premium are deductible income-generating expenses in your own taxation, meaning you can deduct them on your own tax return.