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Payroll calculator

With our payroll calculator, you can conveniently calculate how much of the amount invoiced to the customer is left in hand. Alternatively, you can calculate how much you will need to invoice your customer to get yourself a certain amount of money. Use the calculator to price your work.

Insurance is included in the price

As Omapaja light entrepreneur, you work more easily and safely. Our service fee includes insurance premiums for a light entrepreneur. We think it is fair to include them, because they are mandatory for a light entrepreneur. We do not like hidden expenses.

Responsible and honest operation is our thing!

This is how the salary of an Omapaja light entrepreneur is formed

Invoicing (VAT 0%)

- Possible income-generating costs (e.g. purchases of materials and supplies)
- Possible income-generating travel expenses
= Gross salary
- Withholding tax according to the tax card
= Net salary
- Omapaja service fee 5-7% of invoicing
- Health insurance contribution 1.53% of gross salary (withheld only from those subject to YEL, entrepreneurs' pension insurance)
- Possible YEL insurance premium
= Amount payable
+ Expense reimbursement
+ Travel allowances

The numbers of our payroll calculator are indicative. Please note that VAT must always be added to the total amount of the customer’s invoice. The VAT exemption for small activities cannot be applied in the case of light entrepreneurs, because Omapaja’s total turnover exceeds the limit of 15,000 euros.

If you have taken out an YEL insurance policy through Omapaja, your personal YEL insurance premium will be deducted from your salary.

Omapaja service fee also includes accident and liability insurance. Omapaja service fees and health insurance premiums are deductible in your personal taxation.

Interested in light entrepreneurship?

As an Omapaja light entrepreneur, you get an easy and functional invoicing service and a support service that every light entrepreneur needs. We will help you succeed and earn with your skills without starting your own business. Sign up for free, you can invoice immediately with no fear of hidden expenses.

With our counter, you succeed in pricing your work

Did you know that pricing services is generally considered difficult? At the same time, you want maximum coverage, but do not want to play yourself out of the game. So how much should be invoiced to avoid losing a trade?

Omapajan laskuri on erinomainen apua tuntipalkan ja urakkapalkan määrittelyyn. Päätä etukäteen, mitä toimeksiannostasi nettoat ja sen mukaan hinnoittelet työsi.

Suosittelemmekin laittamaan sivun ylös kirjanmerkkeihisi, jotta saat laskurimme nopeasti esiin hinnoitellessasi uusia töitä ja tarjouksiasi.