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Hire a light entrepreneur

Using the services of a light entrepreneur is easy. It is a convenient solution for companies and individuals, for example, for a project that requires an external expert - or just an additional pair of hands.

This is how your company buys the services of a light entrepreneur

When a company buys a service from a light entrepreneur, there is less paperwork than if you hire someone new. Employer contributions are also excluded. You will receive an invoice from the light entrepreneur for the work done. It is a VAT-deductible expense for the company.

This is how a household buys from a light entrepreneur

Is the lawn in your home in dire need of mowing or would childcare or major cleaning be in place? You can safely call in a skilled light entrepreneur for help! Yet, you do not have to worry about payroll, taxes and employer contributions. You will only receive one invoice for the work you ordered. You can also take advantage of the household deduction.

Make a written agreement

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. When you purchase a service from a light entrepreneur, define the content of the service with its works and schedules in an assignment agreement. The agreement benefits both. It also tells the authorities that this is not an employment relationship.

Hire a light entrepreneur

Do you need an expert? Through Omapaja, you can reach a wide range of light entrepreneurs in various industries all over Finland.

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